The world is progressing in unimaginable ways and thus it also insists in changing the spectrum with which education is imparted to young minds as well. Comprehensive education that involves the child to learn conceptual understanding is much more appreciated and demanded these days. GoScore being the pioneers of NEP is imbibing to every advantage that it puts forth. Here are the advantages and perks that NEP 2020 bring into the academic arena:

1.Holistic Education: As discussed above, education is no longer restricted to just textbooks but also requires child’s enhancement in areas like arts, sports, vocational skills, and other co-curricular activities. NEP 2020 stresses on this point and makes this part of the newly devised curriculum. This rounded approach is called a multidisciplinary approach. It helps students to be more decisive and also helps them explore their critical and analytical power.


2. Flexibility in academic choices: In the traditional learning system, it has always been pre-structured and students are expected to blindly follow it. With implementation of NEP 2020, students are given a better standpoint when it comes to choosing subjects, including vocational education, skill-based courses, and academic streams. The ability to choose in itself will help them align their academic involvement effectively.


3. Early Childhood Education: In the past, early class education was more inclined to helping children to adapt to the education system. With the involvement of NEP 2020, the foundation of education is built for the age group of  3 – 6 years, especially in motor skills, cognitive and socio-economic skills. Curating an engaging curriculum that introduces them to different facets of learning is made possible by early childhood education.


4. Inclusive Education: The NEP 2020 puts forth strong principles when it comes to inclusivity as it addresses the need to include students with disabilities, disadvantaged backgrounds, and diverse learning abilities.


5. Teacher Professional Development: NEP 2020 not only helps enhance the learning process of students but also an effective turning point for teachers as well. There are many training webinars and materials designed under NEP 2020 that help teachers to improve their quality of teaching and align the teaching process to pedagogical approach. 

6. Research and Innovation: Research and development is key to help adapt education to the needs of the future. NEP 2020 being the flag bearers of change makes it their direct objective to induce as much as effective changes in the existing rendering. This will also lead to the need for innovative changes that can help with further progress.

7. Multilingualism and Cultural Diversity: India is home to multiple diverse cultures and hence it becomes necessary to tie it together and NEP 2020 helps with just this. This helps students to be more aware of their cultural importance and embrace it in the best possible way. 

NEP 2020 paves way to an entirely different direction of educational growth which aids in positive development of students and teachers alike. NEP 2020 is a remarkable forte introduced to enhance the education system to be a blend of holistic and experiential learning. GoScore understands the need of equipping young learners to be analytical and critical thinkers. Join us as we embrace the limitless possibilities that NEP 2020 puts forth. Together, let us revolutionise learning and empower generations to come.