Education is what builds the world, and a strong foundation is what is needed to make sure that the future of a nation is in safe hands. The first and foremost step that needs to be taken is to ensure that education is available for all, and this is the prime notion that GoScore strives for.Just like other sectors in the world, Education has been accessed in the past by the privileged parts of society. There were multiple reasons for this to happen. As the years go by, nations all over the world have understood the need for accessibility in education and are bringing policies and plans to implement the same.

GoScore was built with the sole intention of making affordable learning solutions, and our products and the way they are placed align with that goal. Here we are trying to help you understand the different products that we offer and, in the end, to choose us to be that holding hand for your child’s bright future.

Challenges Faced by the Education Sector of Kuwait

• The pandemic has had a significant impact on children’s learning processes. The Kuwait education sector is also currently plagued with many challenges and is struggling down the road to recovery. The professionals at GoScore have immense experience in the field and are putting forth learning strategies in such a way that the said issues no longer pose an obstacle.

The new age of learning needs students to have a stronger grasp on the subject and a deeper and more relevant conceptual understanding. It is harder to move to higher grades as the expectations are different from how they were in the past.

Parental involvement is also almost nonexistent. The reason for this is that both parents in Kuwait work, and their daily responsibilities do not allow them enough time to devote to their child’s educational progress. When a child lacks such supervision, they tend to fall behind in their academic program.

The recently evolved adaptation under the CBSE curriculum is known as NEP 2020, and it is yet to be fully implemented in CBSE-curriculum-based schools in Kuwait. GoScore, as NEP 2020 pioneers, is tackling this situation and averting the challenges students have in meeting the specified requirements.

The educational cycle should not be merely about getting good grades and moving on to the next stage; rather, pupils should have a strong grasp of what they want to accomplish in the future from a young age. Higher education planning must be done while in school, and all required efforts must be made to help accomplish that specific dream.

• GoScore, we understand these challenges, envision these pain points in the education sector, and devise programs that help match the current expectations of the student community and equip them to meet global standards.

Our Milestone Products

1. Offline Learning Center
The traditional mode of learning always involves the physical presence of teachers and students. Although online learning gives the benefit of learning in the comfort of home, sitting in a classroom brings a lot to the table, and that is exactly what we intend through GoScore’s learning centre.

Through our learning center, we intend to help students make learning a fun process, and for that, we bring to the table:

  • The learning center helps with hybrid learning. This gives students the benefits of both online and offline learning.
  • We believe in giving personalized attention to kids, and that’s the reason why we keep our batches to strictly 15 students.
  • The classes are equipped with the best technologies, which definitely help teachers and students collaborate to make the center a place of fun learning.
  • The students are not only trained to be up-to-date with their daily lesson plans as per the syllabus but also equipped with learning strategies for competitive examinations.
  • We believe that learning should be centered around students, and hence we take their emotions with utmost importance. To make this possible, we schedule home visits, which will be conducted by a team that includes a teacher and a counselor.
  • We believe imbibing the ideologies of NEP 2020, and hence the learning pattern, will be holistic.


2. Online Learning

Pandemic has evolved learning in many ways, and the accessibility of learning through online classes is one of them. The online classes are conducted using an exclusive platform provided by Doubt Box. The platform comes with multiple features, like:

  • The students get access to live classes on subjects like science and math.
  • The platform gives the students the benefit of downloading the boards where the problems are regularly solved in the live online classes. This will help to revise the day’s work easily.
  • The teachers keep track of the students progress, and monthly meetings are held with parents to communicate the child’s involvement in the class.
  • Monthly and quarterly tests are conducted to assess the depth of understanding and to help the students in the best way possible.

Along with online learning, there are many free online seminars and webinars that GoScore provides to commemorate the ideology of education democracy.

3 . ScoreOn – Self Learning Module

It is through Score-On that we implement our motto of providing affordable education to students from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Score On is a self-subscription learner module where the students get access to valuable and credible learning materials that have been provided by the best subject matter experts in the field

The features of Score-On are as follows:

  • The curriculum planned under this program matches the National Education Policy 2020.
  • We provide recorded and animated videos that help in the in-depth understanding of concepts in different subject areas. The videos are aligned with NCERT textbooks.
  • The module consists of practice questions that cater to different difficulty levels.
  • Score On can be best used as an aid for learning and will be able to support the revision schedule before examinations.

The entire program has been created to enhance the mass acceptance and appeal of students from Grades 1 to 12.

The offline and online learning sessions will have a compulsory subscription to Score On. This makes sure that the child will have access to specially curated learning materials.


Education is a necessity that should not be a choice but a necessity for every person. The interest in learning can only be brought about by adopting methods that can help keep the attention span of each child high, and GoScore has been on the line since its inception. Choose us for the best future for your children.