Make learning easy with the Best Tuition centre in
Abbasiya, Kuwait

Is your child finding it difficult to keep up with the schoolwork and to comprehend the concepts? Then, don’t think twice and make your way to the best tuition centre in Abbasiya, Kuwait; GoScore’s Learning and Development Centre.

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About GoScore

GoScore Learning is a collective group of people who have come together with the sole aim of making education available to all. We are making this possible through multiple avenues and products. All stakeholders in GoScore Learning have around a decade of experience in the field of education. Basically, quality education for children and helping them to make learning a fun process is what we transpire at GoScore Learning. 

Our learning and development centre is an abode for students to delve deeper into concepts and get the unnerving support of our facilitators and tutors in the best possible way. Not demeaning the inquisitive nature of children and prompting them to ask more questions.

GoScore Aligns with NEP 2020

At GoScore Learning, we are the first in Kuwait to align our teaching strategies with the newly devised NEP 2020. Accordingly, conceptual learning is the key to building an effective and educated generation, and NEP 2020 proposes just that. Through their best Abbasiya tuition centre, GoScore helps your child be confident and conceptually brilliant. 

Holistic learning and encouraging children to ask more questions and doubts and think beyond the textbooks are necessary to thrive and be exponentially brilliant in the coming wave of education. 

GoScore faculty supports students in finding their passions and choosing subjects that match them. Eventually, this will help them figure out what is best for their future.

About GoScore Learning and Development

Individual attention at school is something that is hardly achievable in a class 30-40 students. The mix of students ranges from active learners to slow learners. In such a case, there is a tendency for the brilliant students to overpower the average and below-average learners. 

Slow learners cannot keep up with school’s fast pace, so GoScore’s facilitated tutors provide 24/7 support to help them become active learners.

Chiefly, the batch bandwidth that we have at our GoScore Learning and Development Centre promises the best learning growth for children. Each of our classes will have 15 students. We adopt the best teaching and learning strategies that will help students, and this is why we are the top tuition centre in Abbasiya, Kuwait. 

We, as a team, invest in the academic growth of each student and provide constant support to every parent who trusts their child’s success with us. To ensure this, we arrange open houses at definite intervals to let the parents know of the progress of their children. 

Home visits to our students homes are also part of the curriculum we provide. These visits allow parents to better understand their children’s academic journey, making us the best tuition centre in Abbasiya, Kuwait.

Subject Departments at GoScore Learning and Development Centre

Currently, we provide classes for grades 8 to 12. The subject departments at the GoScore Learning and Development Centre are science and math.

Features of the best tuition centre in Abbasiya

Some of the key features of the best tuition centre in Abbasiya, Kuwait:


  • The learning hub facilitates blended education. This provides students with the advantages of both online and traditional classroom instruction.
  • We limit each class size to 15 students so that each child receives the individualised attention they deserve.
  • The classes are equipped with the best technologies, which definitely help teachers and students collaborate to make the centre a place of fun learning.
  • Students are not only prepared for the daily lessons required by the curriculum but also given the tools necessary to succeed in standardised tests.
  • We believe that learning should be around students, and hence we take their emotions with utmost importance. To accomplish this, we organise visits to the student’s home by a team consisting of a teacher and a counsellor.
  • We anticipate a holistic approach to learning that will allow the NEP 2020 tenets to be absorbed.


It is necessary to help your child have streamlined academic progress right from the early years so that they don’t struggle as they progress towards higher classes. GoScore Learning and our imminent faculty make sure that your child receives the best care in our institution. 

GoScore does not just limit its learning strategies to the best tuition centre in Abbasiya but also has two other products. One-on-one online classes and a subscription module that provides the best learning material for students from classes 1 to 12. 

Now, don’t wait long; head on to www.goscorelearning.com and register your child for the best tuition centre in Abbasiya. We make learning easy.

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