How to plan your days before CBSE Boards 2024?

Exams are around the corner and as the day approaches, it becomes necessary to know and learn how to be prepared for the days of CBSE Boards 2024. Most children get busy with preparations and push everything up until the last minute. This leads to a lot of chaos and can also ruin the pace with which one has been preparing. Here, I have prepared a to-do list that will help you plan your days before the boards.

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To-do list to plan before CBSE Boards 2024

1.Final Revision

The days leading up to the exams should be solely dedicated to the final revision of the subjects. It will be ideal to not pick up new topics during this time. Studying new concepts at the last minute can actually create panic, which can affect the exams. 

2.New Timetable

As you plan for final revisions, make sure you draft a new schedule. This schedule change should be in accordance with the board exam timetable. This will help in scoring better and easing the tension.

3.Mock Tests

Taking timed tests can help in getting a similar feel to that of a regular examination atmosphere. It will help you be better prepared and also give you a taste of how the questions are asked in an exam and how much time you need to dedicate to each question.

4.Mindful Breaks

Even when it’s too close to the exam date, it doesn’t stop you from taking breaks from your study schedule. Breaks are essential to make sure that you will have enough fuel to complete the preparations. Take a 5-minute meditation or a walk to refresh your mind and body.

5.Eat proper and nutritious meals

It is best to avoid junk food just before the exam. Junk foods are high in salt and oil content, which can cause lethargy and affect the study timetable. Falling sick is also quite common if children resort to eating outside food, which can create unnecessary tension during exams.

6.Sleep Schedule

A good sleep schedule is essential. A good 7-hour sleep can help you retain memory; otherwise, you may become tired, causing you to forget concepts and perform poorly on the exam.

How to prepare for the day before the exam?

1.Organise Materials

A day before the exam, get a checklist made. The checklist should contain all the necessary items needed for the exam. The list should include a hall ticket, stationery, ID cards, and the stationery.

2.Pack necessities

The school bag should be stocked with a bottle of water and maybe some immediate snacks like almonds, cashew nuts, or other dry fruits. Refrain from stocking up on junk and munching it right before an exam.

3.Travel Requirements

If the centre is different from your school, then plan out how to reach the centre and arrange when to leave the home. If school is arranging the transportation, make sure to understand the timings and be on time.

4.Read exam instructions

Acknowledge the exam-related requirements. See if there are any specific guidelines or requirements and follow them. Make no mistake in understanding the document.

Make sure to keep these pointers in mind and follow them to have a hassle-free exam season. All the best!