6 Study Tips to Score Well for CBSE Boards in 2024

It is that time of the year that makes every student who is about to give the CBSE Boards stir. Model exams and revisions are quite on a roll during the three to four months before the boards. It is necessary to put in a good amount of practice before setting up the preparations for the final exams. Here are a few study tips to score well on the CBSE Board in 2023.

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What do CBSE boards mainly test?

Board exams often create enough nightmares for students, as they are considered crucial for life. These exams intend to evaluate the conceptual understanding of students in the main and relevant subject areas. These learnings can be emphasised in real-life and help the child figure out expectations on a global level. The board exams in classes 10 and 12 give away two different perspectives. While the former helps the child choose the stepping stone to the future, the latter focuses on laying the foundation for possible career choices that the student will be able to make in their life.

6 Tips to Score Well For Your CBSE Boards in 2023

 1. Plan Up

A good schedule is necessary to help students streamline their study before the exam starts. The model exams can be kept as a base and the timetable of subjects can be scheduled as per this. The created schedule needs to be followed effectively. The timetable can aid in planning days ahead and this can provide an adept time for both leisure and academics to go hand in hand.

2. Collaborative Learning

Combining studies with friends is always looked down upon. The main reason why parents do not support combined learning is because it never reaches its final outcome. But when done right, it gives the best results and a lasting effect on children. Each student will have different strengths and weaknesses. When the children come together, they can support each other in learning. This is one of the study tips to score well on CBSE Boards in 2024, as friends can be more open about their weaknesses and indulge in their studies.

3. Prioritise Subjects or Topics

Prioritising subjects or topics is a necessity. A student will definitely have subjects that they like and that they feel are complex or simple. Investing a lot of time in areas that they feel are easy can backfire in the long run. Complex topics need to be dealt with first, then moved on to simpler subjects or topics. Hard topics require more time and hence they need to be put into first consideration. Choose topics that have more weightage and learn them thoroughly.

4. Self-Assessment

Its likely for students to depend on their marks effectively on their regular tests and internal exams done within the school. While this is a good practice to follow, it can add to the added pressure of being evaluated against their peers. To overcome this particular stress before an exam, it will be ideal to set similar exam schedules and get the hang of the process properly. It can help understand the pain points and help the student improve and work on the areas that they are finding difficult. Question banks and previous-year question papers can assist in this process.

5. Routine Revision

Revision is an important part of a student’s preparation for the board exams. Having a good revision schedule planned out is one of the best study tips for scoring well on CBSE boards in 2024. Writing down points and creating their own post-it notes aids in getting to the point easily and will help avoid the need to go around the entire point to check out crucial and key points of the said topic.

6. Ample amount of rest

Rest is very necessary and tags along as one of the best study tips to score well on your CBSE Boards in 2024. With good rest, it becomes easier to retain the information learned over the course of study. Good sleep and taking leisure breaks in between studies can enhance the learning journey without being tired.


These are just some of the study tips that help students score well on the boards. Following these primarily will help chart your journey right from the start and help you get that momentum up until the finals. Good Luck to each student who is set to start with their preparations for CBSE Boards 2024.