Amal Haridas is a seasoned entrepreneur and education industry expert who has achieved notable success in the Middle East region. He founded and serves as CEO of GoScore Learning, an EdTech company that provides diverse learning solutions to students across the region. With a strong commitment to educational democracy and a desire to deliver premium content at reasonable prices, affordable by the common man, Amal has established himself as an innovative leader in the field.

GoScore offers a variety of online and offline learning solutions, as well as an intuitive subscription-based platform that caters to varying learning styles and preferences.

Before establishing GoScore in 2022, Amal gained extensive experience in the education industry, beginning his career with Byjus GCC. He soon took up a senior management role, leading the Kuwait and Abu Dhabi markets and was also instrumental helping the company augment its footprint in the UAE by establishing a second office in the country. His strategic thinking and pioneering leadership played a critical part in the company’s growth story in the region.

Amal’s extensive experience in the education industry, combined with his entrepreneurial vision, has enabled him to create GoScore, a company that is transforming the way students at various levels gain a positive approach to learning.


CEO & Founder, GoScore Learning