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Learning and Development Centre in Kuwait

Academic learning always involves a very functional relationship between children, teachers, and their books. Most schools are unable to guarantee complete attention to students because of the larger class strength and that’s where the fully equipped learning and development centre by GoScore Learning comes into the rescue.

Our learning and development are assured and developed based on how to support your children’s learning with the best possible hand holding. Unlike the usual tuition centres seen in Kuwait, our platform is completely legal and has been improved with the best teachers and resources.

We primarily cater to classes 8 to 12 in the subjects of science and mathematics. Any students who aspire to become doctors, engineers, or any other career that requires a solid understanding of science and mathematics will highly benefit from our offline learning centre situated here at Abbasiya.

Our batch bandwidth is very small, i.e., 15 students. This ensures that each child gets personalised attention, which helps them learn and understand concepts in depth. Personalised attention also helps remove the usual intimidation in a child that comes while asking doubts. We arrange special doubt clearance sessions.

We also believe that parents need to be in a continuous loop about their child’s academic progress. The teachers schedule prompt parent-teacher sessions and help parents understand their strengths and weaknesses and use those inputs to guide them effectively at home.

All our classes are inclined towards NEP 2020. It is with this notion that we are engaging our classes with experiential learning. Learning with practical understanding can help students be more proactive in their future choices.

Enrol with us to secure a wonderful and enhanced learning experience for your child.

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